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Olive McKnight: Professional Exorcist

A Novel Seeking Representation, PitchWars 2018 Selection

Just out of college, it’s tough to earn a living. A lot tougher when the forces of evil are conspiring against you.

Since her mother’s death, Olive McKnight has dreamed of becoming a pro ghost hunter. Unfortunately, everyone and their dead mom wants to work with ghosts—so, instead, she’s stuck with demons. Soul-grubbing, projectile-spewing demons.

Olive’s an ace with ghosts, but demons…? She can’t even exorcise a cat without tanking her employer’s Yelp rating. Unfortunately, cross-eyed Mr. Whiskers is a fond memory compared to her next exorcism, which goes so poorly that she acquires her very own “guardian demon.” You know, like a guardian angel, except terrible.

Olive hides the entanglement, because the only thing scarier than her freakish new frenemy is going back on the job market—until she discovers that a trusted loved one is a demon-in-disguise. It appears not one but two all-powerful demons have twisted her life into a diabolic chess match. Here’s her chance to prove she can exorcise the biggest threat Paratech has ever seen. But, to do so, she’ll have to choose between everything she cares about most—her job, friends, and the love of her life.

Now everyone’s fate is in this fledgling witch’s hands. Goddess help them.

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Goodnight, Socrates

A Full-Length Play, Ready for Production

In a near-future dystopia inspired by Plato’s Republic, a young woman named Lachesis has worked her way up from her low class status and rural town to a sparkling new job in the capital city. As a film censor, Lachesis must curate an upcoming film festival that will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Marble Republic’s founding. She butts heads with her infuriating colleague, Clotho, the picture of wealth and privilege, and strives to impress her boss, Atropos, a no-nonsense middle class citizen who knows more than she lets on.

Separated from her family, Lachesis struggles to navigate the political hazards of her new job without anyone to turn to but an artificial intelligence named Socrates, her closest companion from childhood. But as Lachesis begins to connect with Clotho and Atropos, she uncovers more about the Marble Republic, and it soon becomes apparent that her trusted A.I. Socrates may not be the friend he appears.