Quicksilver Harvest

A 2019 Pitch Wars Selection


Image by Aty S Behsam


Sixteen-year-old Wren owes everything she has to her hometown, Hollow’s End, a place where miracles sprout in the soil and the wheat on her family farm shimmers in rainbow-kissed waves. She’s never questioned the magic beneath her feet—not until a silver-dark blight slithers up from the earth and begins corrupting one farm after another. Crops drip with eerie quicksilver, and infected animals and people disappear into the woods, coming back feral with rotting bodies and white-fogged eyes.

On the same day that Wren’s own farm falls prey to the blight, her parents go missing. Now, the only one she can turn to is the last person she wants to call: her boy-next-door ex. Struggling to trust each other again, they must race to save her home. But soon, Wren starts coughing black mold, and a dark whisper urges her into the forest. Unless they can discover the root of the blight, it will swallow Wren whole.

Yet the more Wren uncovers about its origin, the more the secrets and sins of her own family rise to the surface. With a home built on broken bones, their only chance for a future hinges on Wren destroying everything she’s ever loved—including the miraculous town she’d give anything to protect.


Olive McKnight: Professional Exorcist

A 2018 Pitch Wars Selection



Fresh-outta-college and fresh-into-debt, Olive McKnight dreams of working in Paratech’s Ghost Ops division, but first she’ll have to claw her way up from the hell-pit that is the Demonic Exorcism Department. Too bad she can’t even exorcise a cat without tanking Paratech’s Yelp rating.

Unless she gets handy with a cross and keeps her hands off her sin-worthy trainer, she’ll face worse than demons—unemployment. Unfortunately, Olive’s #millennialstrugs get real as she’s incriminated in a rash of ritualized murders. In desperation, she breaks Paratech’s number-one rule, summoning her own “guardian demon” to play the creepiest-ever Watson to her Holmes.

When the guardian demon reveals someone in Olive’s inner circle is the possessed psychokiller, Olive loses the only thing keeping her sane: her faith in her friends and trainer-turned-boyfriend. She’d better unmask the killer before she alienates all her loved ones or anyone else turns up dead. But taking down this demon and saving her soul will require a sacrifice: her dreams, friends, or love life. All in a day’s hideously underpaid work.