Alternate Reality Games


Creative Writer / Narrative Designer, acted as in-game Curator of CHM for Ghostly Tracks


Deep inside Horsley Towers, members of a secret society called The Tessera have long safeguarded their inventions against their enemy, S. But now, S has found them, determined to blot out the light of human ingenuity with its own wild anarchy. By working together to solve network puzzles, complete circuits using logic gates, and design their own technological inventions, players drive the darkness away.

CHM shadows 2

When the ghosts of historical figures begin haunting electronic devices in the museum, teens must help the staff restore order. Working as a team, players piece together computational clues, uncover the ghosts’ true identities, and fight back the forces of chaos.


Creative Writer / Narrative Designer, acted as in-game protagonist April G.

AGOG imageThe Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry (AGOG) is an educational alternate reality game (ARG) designed to immerse players in American history and the science behind invention. Drawing on events surrounding the American Civil War and the history of the U.S. Patent Office, AGOG reminds players that history is anything but inevitable.

In the first full-fledged season of the game, middle school players raced against time to gain cryptographic, archival, cartographic, and innovative skills that would help them prevent a dangerous rift in the course of history. With the Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry, there’s always a new story to uncover, and it’s never too late to change the past.

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